Nanit vs Owlet Review: The Ultimate Smart Baby Monitor Showdown

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I’m here to help you choose between Nanit vs Owlet baby monitors.

After a thorough comparison, Nanit is the winner. It excels with superior video clarity, extensive sleep analytics, and innovative non-contact breathing monitoring, making it the ultimate choice for comprehensive baby monitoring.

Video Quality



Sleep Tracking Accuracy



App Usability



Video Quality

Quantitative Metric: Resolution (pixels), Frame Rate (fps), Night Vision Quality (clarity score out of 10)

  • Nanit: 1080p resolution, 30 fps, Night Vision Quality score: 9/10
  • Owlet: 720p resolution, 30 fps, Night Vision Quality score: 8/10
  • Metric Rating: Nanit 95%, Owlet 85%

Sleep Tracking Accuracy

Quantitative Metric: Error Margin (percentage of inaccuracy in sleep pattern detection), Detection Range (types of sleep states detected)

  • Nanit: Error Margin: 5%, Detection Range: All sleep states (Awake, Light, Deep)
  • Owlet: Error Margin: 10%, Detection Range: Awake, Light Sleep
  • Metric Rating: Nanit 90%, Owlet 80%

App Usability

Quantitative Metric: User Interface (UI) Complexity (scale of 1-10, where 1 is very simple and 10 is very complex), Response Time (seconds), Feature Accessibility (percentage of users who find all features easily)

  • Nanit: UI Complexity: 2, Response Time: 1 sec, Feature Accessibility: 95%
  • Owlet: UI Complexity: 3, Response Time: 2 sec, Feature Accessibility: 90%
  • Metric Rating: Nanit 90%, Owlet 85%

Why you should trust me?

I’ve put much effort into comparing Nanit and Owlet for you. Think of me as a friend who’s really into tech and gadgets, especially when it comes to making life easier and safer for babies. My reviews are based on careful research and comparing tons of feedback because I believe in making well-informed choices.

Nanit is my top recommendation for its clear video and sleep tracking, but Owlet’s health monitoring should be noticed. It’s all about what you value more: sleep details or health stats.

I encourage you to read on and find out more about which baby monitor might be the best fit for your family. It’s about matching the right tech to your specific needs.

Table of Content

Understanding Baby Monitors
Choosing a Baby Monitor: What to Look For
Deep Dive into Nanit Baby Monitor: Unparalleled Sleep Insights
Deep Dive into Owlet Baby Monitor: Health Monitoring Redefined
Nanit vs Owlet Smart Monitor System
Final Verdict: Which Baby Monitor is Best?
FAQs Tailored to Your Needs

Understanding Baby Monitors

In the digital age, smart baby monitors have evolved into essential tools for modern parenting, offering an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

What Do Smart Baby Monitors Track?

Smart baby monitors go beyond traditional audio and video, offering comprehensive insights into baby sleep patterns and environment. Equipped with advanced sensors, these devices track everything from sleep quality to room temperature, ensuring your baby rests comfortably. Owlet and Nanit provide detailed analytics on your baby’s sleep. Still, they approach monitoring with different technologies — Nanit focuses on sleep patterns and quality through its camera system. At the same time, Owlet offers vital signs monitoring through its innovative Owlet camera and Smart Sock.

The Importance of a Baby Breathing Monitor

A baby breathing monitor is a game-changer for anxious parents. By continuously tracking your baby’s breathing, these devices alert you to potential issues, ensuring you can react quickly to any changes. This technology is particularly reassuring for parents of newborns, preemies, or babies with medical conditions.

When to Use a Baby Breathing Monitor

Baby smart monitors like Nanit and Owlet have become essential for parents as they provide real-time data and alerts, helping them to monitor the baby’s sleep and breathing, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Choosing a Baby Monitor: What to Look For

Selecting the correct baby monitor means balancing various factors to meet your family’s unique needs.

Budget Considerations

While Nanit and Owlet offer premium features, they come at different price points. Consider what aspects of baby monitoring are most important to you — detailed sleep analytics or health monitoring — and choose a device that offers the best value for your budget.


The reliability of your baby monitor is crucial. You need a device that consistently provides accurate data and alerts. Nanit and Owlet are renowned for their reliability, but their strengths vary — Nanit is in sleep tracking, and Owlet is in health monitoring.

Camera Quality

Camera quality directly impacts your ability to talk to your baby and monitor them visually. High-definition video, like that offered by Nanit, ensures you can see your baby, day or night, affecting overall sleep quality.

Apps and Additional Features

The functionality of a baby monitor’s app can significantly enhance your user experience. Look for apps that offer intuitive navigation, comprehensive sleep and health analytics, and the ability to talk to your baby directly through the device. Nanit and Owlet provide feature-rich apps to give parents detailed insights into their baby’s sleep and health.

Deep Dive into Nanit Baby Monitor: Unparalleled Sleep Insights

Nanit Pro Review: The Pinnacle of Sleep Monitoring

  • Advanced Monitoring: Delivers HD video of your baby with exceptional clarity.
  • Unique Mounting: Wall mount design for the perfect viewing angle.

Innovative Features of Nanit Pro Camera

  • HD Video Quality: Ensures clear video baby monitor footage day and night.
  • Breathing Band Integration: Seamlessly works with the Nanit complete monitoring system for precise breathing tracking.

Nanit Breathing Wear: Non-Invasive Comfort

  • Breathing Monitoring: Tracks without direct skin contact, promoting safer sleep.

Exploring The Nanit App

  • Detailed Analytics: Offers insights to foster better baby sleep, including sleep history and environmental analysis.

Distinct Advantages of Nanit Cameras

  • Superior Sleep Tracking: Advanced analytics make Nanit a top choice for parents who want to monitor sleep patterns closely.

Nanit’s Value Proposition

  • What’s Included: Camera, breathing band, and access to Nanit Insights.
  • Pricing: Varies, reflecting the comprehensive sleep analysis package offered.

Feedback from Real Users

  • User Experiences: Highlight the system’s accuracy and ease of use despite the higher investment.

Weighing Pros and Cons

  • Advantages: Detailed analytics, superior video quality, innovative breathing band.
  • Considerations: Higher investment, subscription for full feature access.

Deep Dive into Owlet Baby Monitor: Health Monitoring Redefined

Owlet’s Holistic Health Approach

  • Health First: Pairs video baby monitoring with the Owlets Smart Sock for vital signs tracking.

Key Features of Owlet Monitor Duo

  • Dual Monitoring: Owlet Cam and Smart Sock work together for comprehensive oversight.
  • Vital Stats: Directly sends video of your baby and health data to your smartphone.

Understanding Owlet’s Innovative Tech

  • Owlet Cam and Smart Sock: Offers clear visuals alongside critical health metrics monitoring.

Detailed Look at The Owlet App

  • Streamlined Monitoring: Simplifies tracking your Owlet baby’s well-being from any location.

Assessing Owlet Duo’s Value

  • Health Metrics Priority: Ideal for parents focusing on vital signs over sleep patterns.
  • Package Contents: Includes the Owlet Cam and Smart Sock, with additional accessories available.

Parental Feedback on Owlet

  • Real Reviews: Appreciate the comprehensive health monitoring but advise on Wi-Fi dependency.

Owlet’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Pros: Thorough health monitoring, user-friendly, reliable vital signs alerts.
  • Cons: Needs stable Wi-Fi, potential for false alerts.

In summary, Nanit excels in providing detailed insights for improving baby sleep quality through innovative monitoring technology. Owlet leverages cutting-edge tech to deliver crucial health data, ensuring peace of mind for parents prioritizing monitoring of vital signs. Your choice between Nanit and Owlet will hinge on whether your priority lies in sleep analytics or health monitoring capabilities.

Nanit vs Owlet Smart Monitor System

To thoroughly compare Nanit and Owlet smart baby monitors, let’s delve into their qualitative metrics, backed by manufacturer claims and real-life user experiences where applicable.

nanit vs owlet

Comprehensive Feature Comparison

Nanit shines with its superior video quality, sleep tracking accuracy, and app usability. It’s designed for tech-savvy parents who value detailed insights into their baby’s sleep patterns. Owlet, while robust, focuses more on health metrics like oxygen levels and heart rate through its Smart Sock.

Winner: Nanit, for its all-around performance in smart monitoring features.

Superior Video and Sleep Analytics

Nanit boasts a 1080p camera, providing clear night vision and sleep analytics. Users report that the video quality lives up to expectations, offering detailed views even in low-light conditions. Owlet’s camera offers good quality but with a lower resolution, focusing more on health metrics than video capabilities.

Winner: Nanit, for setting a higher video quality and sleep analytics standard.

Innovative Breathing Wear Technology

Nanit’s breathing wear technology is a standout, offering a non-invasive method to monitor your baby’s breathing. This technology is highly praised for its accuracy and ease of use, distinguishing it from Owlet, which relies on a Smart Sock for monitoring vital signs.

Winner: Nanit, for its unique, non-invasive breathing monitoring solution.

User-Friendly Application

Both Nanit and Owlet offer intuitive applications, but Nanit’s app is often rated higher for its ease of use, accessibility of features, and personalized sleep coaching. Owlet’s app provides vital health data but is sometimes noted for being less intuitive in user experience.

Winner: Nanit, for a more user-friendly and feature-rich application.

Customer Satisfaction and Innovation

Nanit leads with higher customer satisfaction and innovation scores, reflecting its commitment to user experience and technological advancement. Owlet follows closely but with slightly lower ratings in these areas.

Winner: Nanit, for superior customer satisfaction and innovation.

Value for Money

Despite Nanit’s higher price point, its comprehensive features justify the investment, offering significant value for parents focused on quality and functionality. Owlet offers competitive pricing but focuses on health monitoring rather than a full suite of monitoring features.

Winner: Nanit, for its value-packed features against the price.

Security and Reliability

Both brands employ robust encryption and security measures, ensuring data protection and peace of mind for parents. Both Nanit and Owlet are committed to the safety and security of their products.

Winner: Tie, as both brands offer excellent security features.

Versatile Monitoring Options

Nanit excels with flexible mounting options and the ability to monitor multiple babies, making it ideal for families with more than one child. Owlet’s focus remains on single-child monitoring through its Smart Sock.

Winner: Nanit, for its versatility and multi-child monitoring capabilities.

Design Comparison

Both monitors have sleek designs, but Nanit’s aesthetic and functional design offers a more comprehensive monitoring setup, particularly with its wall-mounting option. Owlet’s design is practical and focused on the Smart Sock’s functionality.

Winner: Nanit, for a more aesthetically pleasing and versatile design.

Audio Capabilities

Both monitors support two-way audio, but real-life feedback suggests that Nanit’s audio quality and the functionality of speaking to your baby through the app is slightly superior.

Winner: Nanit, for better audio quality and functionality.

Which is Better for Twins

Nanit is better suited for monitoring twins or multiple babies due to its additional camera support and breathing wear technology, allowing parents to keep an eye on each child with tailored monitoring.

Winner: Nanit, for its adaptability to families with twins or multiple children.

Final Verdict: Which Baby Monitor is Best?

In summary, Nanit emerges as the overall winner across most metrics.

  • Best for Sleep Tracking: Nanit is ideal for parents focused on improving baby sleep quality with detailed analytics.
  • Best for Health Monitoring: Owlet is the go-to for those prioritizing vital signs monitoring with its innovative Smart Sock.

Choosing between Nanit and Owlet depends on your primary concern: sleep quality or health monitoring. Both rank highly among the best baby monitors available, offering distinct advantages tailored to different parenting needs.

FAQs Tailored to Your Needs

Can I still hear my baby if the Nanit app is closed or my screen is locked?

Absolutely. The Nanit app ensures continuous audio monitoring of your baby, allowing you to hear them even if the app is closed or your device is locked. This innovative baby monitor feature keeps you connected to your baby’s sounds.

How can I monitor twins or multiple babies with Nanit?

Nanit Pro offers solutions for monitoring twins or multiple babies. Additional setup and equipment may be required, but Nanit provides guidance and support. Consult the Nanit insights app or customer support for help with setting up a complete monitoring system.

Is Nanit’s Breathing Wear compatible with swaddles from other brands?

To ensure accurate monitoring of your child’s breathing patterns, Nanit’s Breathing Motion technology works best with Nanit Breathing Wear. It’s recommended to use this specialized wear for optimal results and to access the full capabilities of the Nanit baby monitor system, including sleep quality and pattern analysis.

How does Nanit monitor your baby’s breathing without direct contact?

Nanit utilizes a unique, sensor-free approach with its Breathing Wear, employing custom-designed patterns to monitor your baby’s breathing motion accurately. This non-invasive method offers a comfortable and safe way to track breathing patterns, enhancing sleep quality monitoring without direct skin contact.

Can Nanit monitor my baby when they sleep on their stomach?

Yes, the Nanit Plus and Pro cameras, coupled with Nanit Breathing Wear, are adept at monitoring your baby regardless of their sleeping position. This ensures continuous, accurate tracking of breathing motions for babies who prefer to sleep on their stomachs, providing parents with reassurance and insights into their baby’s sleep health.

Is the Owlet Smart Sock eligible for HSA/FSA?

It is HSA/FSA approved, allowing you to use your funds from Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts to purchase it. This helps you monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels.

What’s included in the Owlet Monitor Duo package?

The Owlet Monitor Duo combines the best of Owlet’s monitoring technology, including the Smart Sock sensor, Base Station, Owlet Cam, and all necessary accessories for both health and video monitoring. This package provides a complete view of your baby, covering heart rate, oxygen levels, and HD video.

Can the Owlet Smart Sock be used with motion bassinets like the Snoo?

Indeed, the Smart Sock 3 is designed to function effectively even with gentle motion, making it compatible with the Snoo and other motion bassinets. This ensures that your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels are accurately monitored, even when soothed by the bassinet’s movements.

Are there additional costs to use the Owlet App?

The Owlet App is free to download with no subscription fees. It monitors your baby’s health data collected by the Owlet Smart Sock and Owlet Cam, providing up-to-date information at no extra cost.


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