Bugaboo Butterfly vs Nuna Trvl: Which Stroller is the Best?

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Who takes the crown, Bugaboo Butterfly vs Nuna Trvl?

Based on our detailed research and comparison, the Bugaboo Butterfly wins for its safety, ease of use, durability, and cost-effectiveness, standing out in each category.

Bugaboo Butterfly - 1 Second Fold Ultra-Compact Stroller - Lightweight & Compact - Great for Travel - Forest Green

Bugaboo Butterfly

Nuna Trvl




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As a nurse, special educator and rehabilitator, I understand what makes a stroller safe, comfortable, and practical for your baby. I offer trusted advice on choosing the compact travel stroller for your family.

The Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL are great strollers for different needs. The Butterfly is super easy to fold with one hand and is good for moving around in busy places. It’s also small enough to fit on a plane and very light to carry.

The Nuna TRVL is nicer for comfort because it has a bigger seat that leans back more, so it’s better for nap time. It also has big wheels that make it smooth to push and works well with Nuna car seats.

Both are safe and strong, but the Butterfly is especially good for people who travel a lot because it’s simple to carry and use. Also, it makes everyday stuff easier, like getting around town or putting it in the car.

Think about what’s important for you – ease of carrying and storing, or your baby’s comfort on long walks. Your choice will depend on these things.

Read on to find out more about each stroller and see which one fits your family best.

Nuna TRVL vs Bugaboo Butterfly | What To Look For?

Ease of Use:

For busy parents navigating busy areas with a baby, the Bugaboo Butterfly stroller is easy to use and fold with one hand. It has smooth handling for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

On the other hand, the Nuna TRVL stroller requires two hands to fold and may be cumbersome to handle while carrying bags or dealing with a busy child.

Winner: Bugaboo Butterfly


For a comfortable ride for your child, choose the Nuna TRVL with its wider seat and various recline options.

The Bugaboo Butterfly is also comfortable but has a narrower seat and may not be ideal for older or bigger children who need longer naps.

Winner: Nuna TRVL


Both, the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL prioritize your child’s well-being with top-notch safety features like five-point harnesses, reliable brakes, and stable designs.

Winner: Tie.


Both the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL strollers are constructed with high-quality materials and offer strong warranties. Numerous user reviews confirm their durability, making them both reliable options for your travels. Therefore, it’s a tie between the two contenders as they both boast excellent durability.

Winner: Tie


Let’s talk value! The Nuna TRVL comes in at a slightly lower price point. But the Bugaboo Butterfly offers a compact design and features that make navigating busy environments easier. This might be more valuable for parents who:

  • Live in urban areas and frequently maneuver crowded sidewalks, stores, or public transportation.
  • Travel often, even if not by plane. The compact size might be a perk for car travel or navigating train stations.
  • Prioritize space-saving storage at home or on the go.

Winner: Bugaboo Butterfly

Our Testing Process

Let’s get to the point. When it comes to stroller comparison, it’s not only about looks. Here’s how we choose the best one:

First, we talk to child experts to make sure the strollers we recommend are comfy and safe for your little one.

Next, we read lots of reviews from real parents who have used these strollers in different places, like parks and airports.

We also check the materials and how strong the strollers are to make sure they can handle your adventures.

Finally, we compare these two travel strollers to other top models, so you can see how they measure up against the competition.

We want to give you honest and reliable information to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

User Reviews – Bugaboo Butterfly vs Nuna TRVL

Here are some reviews of people who purchased these strollers:

Review for Bugaboo Butterfly:

“Love how luxurious this feels. It is easy to open with only one hand. Light, but not flimsy or rickety. In fact, it feels very sturdy. My three year old loves to ride in it. He seems comfortable while in it. So compact so leaves a lot of space available for lots of other things in my trunk. I’m loving it so far! Update (January, 2024): Still loving it! It holding up very well. Still feels sturdy. We traveled to the Disney parks and it was a bliss going through the crowd. Same at the airport. Perfect for travel!”

Review for Nuna Trvl:

“This stroller is amazing! It’s so comfortable for my baby, and it rides so smoothly. The wheels are big and handle all kinds of terrain. It folds up pretty compactly, and it’s not too heavy. I love that this stroller has so many features, like the multiple recline positions, the adjustable leg rest, and the large sun canopy. It’s also very easy to fold and unfold.”

Final Verdict: Which Stroller is The Best?

In our comparison, the Bugaboo Butterfly comes out on top for its ease of use, compact size, and travel-friendly features, making it a great choice for families on the move. Its one-handed fold and ability to fit in overhead compartments on planes give it an edge, especially for parents who value convenience and portability.

However, the Nuna TRVL stroller shouldn’t be overlooked. It may be the better option for those who prioritize their child’s comfort during longer outings, thanks to its wider seat and more recline options. Plus, its larger wheels offer a smoother ride, which is great for leisurely walks and nap times.

Both strollers have their strengths, so the best choice depends on your family’s specific needs and lifestyle.

Bugaboo Butterfly vs. Nuna TRVL – FAQs

Can the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL be used from birth?

Yes, both strollers are designed to be used from birth. They are compatible with infant car seats, making them ideal for a “snap-and-go” travel system. This functionality allows for seamless transitions from the car to on-foot excursions, emphasizing convenience from day one​.

What are the weight limits for the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL?

Both strollers are designed to comfortably fit children up to 50 pounds. This ensures that the strollers can accompany your child’s growth over several years, providing longevity and value​.

How compact are these strollers when folded?

The Bugaboo Butterfly boasts a compact fold, making it easier to store in tight spaces and less cumbersome to take along on travels, including fitting in most overhead bins in airplanes. The Nuna TRVL also highlights its compactness and ease of folding, which, combined with its lightweight design, enhances its portability for traveling families​.

What key features differentiate the Nuna Travel Stroller vs Bugaboo Butterfly Stroller?

The Bugaboo Butterfly is great for travel with its compact fold and lightweight (18 pounds), fitting easily in airplane bins. It can be folded with one hand. The Nuna TRVL offers a comfy, wider seat for babies, a safety belly bar, and fits Nuna Pipa car seats directly. Both strollers are easy to use and portable, but they suit different parent needs for travel.

How do the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL ensure the safety and comfort of a child during travel?

Both the Bugaboo Butterfly and Nuna TRVL ensure safety and comfort with secure harnesses, smooth suspension, and sun-protective canopies. The Nuna TRVL has a plush, wider seat for comfy naps, while the Bugaboo Butterfly offers a compact design with a high seat and safety bumper bar. Both have storage baskets under the seat for convenience.

Nuna Travel vs Bugaboo Butterfly: Do they offer comfortable seating for the child?

Both strollers provide plush, comfortable seating with multiple recline positions and adjustable calf support, ensuring a pleasant ride for children of various ages and sizes. The Bugaboo Butterfly is noted for its high backrest, accommodating older or taller toddlers, while the Nuna TRVL’s design focuses on ease of use and comfort with its unique automatic standing fold feature​.


I'm Andjela Antic, co-founder of DreamBabyGear. I have a degree in special education and rehabilitation from the medical faculty, and I've been a registered nurse since high school. Using my medical and education background, I understand child development well. I choose high-quality baby gear carefully to support the best development and well-being of children.
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