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Andjela Antic

Andjela’s journey into the world of education began with a profound encounter with children. It was during her time in high school that she had the opportunity to gain practical experience in the maternity ward, pediatric department, and nursing care. This experience sparked a deep love for working with children and motivated her to pursue a career in the field.

After completing her secondary medical school education, Andjela’s thirst for knowledge led her to enroll in the medical faculty, specializing in special education and rehabilitation. Here, she immersed herself in the study of child development and learned effective strategies to support children from birth through their school years.

Throughout her studies, Andjela’s commitment to children’s well-being extended beyond the classroom. She also dedicated her time to working in a kindergarten, gaining invaluable hands-on experience and insights into the unique needs and challenges that young children face.

Andjela’s diverse background, encompassing both medical and educational fields, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of children’s growth, development, and educational needs.

Through her experiences, Andjela had the opportunity to engage with parents and understand their challenges, particularly when it comes to choosing the right baby gear. Recognizing the importance of this decision for the comfort and safety of babies, she decided to dedicate herself to this field. With the aim of providing reliable advice and high-quality baby gear, Andjela seeks to support parents and make their parenting journey easier. Her dedicated work and expertise make her a trusted partner for parents who want only the best for their little ones.

Igor Mijatovic

Through their shared life with Andjela, Igor developed a deep passion for children. This led them to dedicate themselves to the field of child care. However, Igor, being a practical person who enjoys solving problems, recognized the challenges that parents face when it comes to choosing baby gear. He wanted to find a solution and make a difference.

One day, as they pondered on how to assist parents in navigating the overwhelming world of baby products, an idea sparked in Igor’s mind. He envisioned a place where parents could find not only high-quality baby gear but also trusted guidance and support. A place where they could feel confident in their choices.

Driven by his determination, Igor set out on a mission to create a platform that would simplify the process of selecting baby gear. He dedicated countless hours to researching and curating the best products, ensuring they met the highest standards of safety, functionality, and quality.

Today, Igor’s passion and practical mindset have come together to establish Dream Baby Gear as a trusted resource for parents. His commitment to solving the challenges of finding reliable baby gear shines through in every aspect of the business. With Igor’s expertise and dedication, parents can embark on their parenting journey with confidence, knowing they have a knowledgeable ally by their side.

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